Caring For French Bulldog Puppies

They’re absolutely adorable and are just so fun to be with. Sometimes, you will find them lounging in the couch while sometimes, you will find them chasing around a ball in the yard. Truly, they are wonderful pets, and that is the reason why so many people have coveted French bulldog puppies. Described as clowns in philosophers cloaks, French bulldogs are actually quite the household pets. They are lovable and not that hard to take care of. Its not that they take care of themselves like some of the other breeds of dogs. Its just that these dogs are so low maintenance. This may be due to the fact that these dogs are very well mannered and are not very aggressive. It is quite the contrary when it comes to the reputation that bulldogs have, with their stature being one of the more prominent things as to why people think they can be aggressive. Quite the contrary, French bulldog puppies are very playful as they always want to be around other people. This is why these dogs are so easy to be around with especially when there are kids around. They also tend to have days when they just want to rest and literally lie on the couch, making them also quite suitable for grandparents.

French bulldogs are built in the same way as other bulldogs, with the signature stout face, muscular build and small stature. One thing that sets it apart is the bat-like ears that they have. This is perhaps a result of certain cross-breeding. When taking care of French bulldog puppies, keep in mind of a few things. First, you must never expose these puppies to smoke or any dust particles while they are young. French bulldog puppies have been quite notorious when it comes to easily having lung problems. For the overall health and activity of the dog, these have to be avoided. Second, they need to be kept in cool areas during the summer season. Although their coats are really thin, their stocky build makes it harder for them to cool down under intense heat. As much as possible, there must be at least one air conditioned area in the house where the dog can stay. Third, keep these dogs active while young. Walk them regularly and let them lose on the park. Make sure that you give it enough exercise because the last thing youd want to do is keep the dog bloated. An inactive French bulldog may experience certain levels of depression when they grow old, so make sure that there is a daily routine to which you need to follow. Fourth and last is to wash your dog after meals. With the folds in its skin, there can be some pieces of food clinging on to those areas. So it is only natural that you wash the coat from all areas, especially after it has eaten its meals. This may mean that you have to wash your dog for a number of times in a week.


How To Train French Bulldogs

When you are planning to have a dog, you have to keep in mind of all the things that it is bound to do in the future. Obviously for any dog trainer, you want to have your dog at a very young age. This way, you can train it the way you want it to be trained. Even under certain circumstances though, its good to know that there are some dogs that can be easier to train compared to others.

These dogs are the French bulldogs. With their easy temperament, French bulldogs are probably one of the easiest dogs to train. They tend to socialize with kids very well, making them the most ideal pets to have in the house when you have children. They are nicknamed as clowns in a philosophers cloak due to their flat faces that mask the kind of temperament that they have. They are quite easy to get along with and do not require a lot of attention other than feeding, walking and giving the right amount of things needed for it to properly grow. Just like any bulldog in the family, they also possess the same kind of flat face, stout and muscular build and short stature. What makes them different though are the ears. Their bat-like ears make for a different look than that of others of its kind.

If you own this dog and you wish to train French bulldog, then obviously you need to do so while they are young. These dogs tend to be very sensitive with their surroundings as they can only live in a family-type setting. As a matter of fact, they have very sensitive lungs that can easily be damaged if they get a whiff of smoke from any part of the house. So if you want to make sure that your French Bulldog stays healthy, you may have to quit smoking. Or if you cant quit, have an area where you can smoke that your dog wont be able to go to.

Also, French bulldogs tend to have varying demeanors that would usually depend on the people they are with all the time. If you train French bulldog in a setting that has kids, you will find your dog always in position to be active and playful. But when you train French bulldog with older people around the house that tend to just lounge around in afternoons, the dog might do the same as well.