About French Bulldog Breeders

French bulldog breeders have a very rewarding job of producing the finest French bulldogs because no one can ever resist a French bulldog. In fact, this dog doesn’t have to perform jaw-dropping tricks just to win people’s hearts. They’re absolutely adorable even when they just sit down or lie around. You’ll even find numerous images and videos of French bulldogs posted by their proud owners.

Breeding French bulldogs is a challenge, since it is a delicate breed. It’s not just a matter of producing the cutest puppies and selling them. You have to assure the future owners of the puppies that they are getting from the best breeder, one that knows how to take care of dogs. With that said, the best way to become one of the most reputable French bulldog breeders is to be well-informed of the nature of French bulldogs.

French bulldogs make ideal companion dogs because of their carefree and lively personalities. They’re active dogs and love to play but they’re never a handful. French bulldogs may have a small frame but they have a big bone structure for their size and they have stocky muscles. This breed has a short face, a slightly wrinkly snout, and triangular bat-like ears. Their short and smooth coat can come in white, fawn, brindle, and brindle and white.

The mere mention of bulldog can arouse fear from anyone. However, the English crossbred the bulldog with other breeds to make a lap and toy dog. They soon became popular in France during the Industrial Revolution. Wealthy Americans took notice of the dog and brought them to the United States, where they came to be known as French Bulldogs.

Apartment dwellers are fortunate because the French bulldog can adapt to apartment living, provided they’re given moderate exercise. However, French bulldog breeders should be very conscious about the temperature changes because French bulldogs are very sensitive to extreme temperature changes. Take them on a daily walk but never make them swim. If exposed to hot weather, they tend to suffer from heat stroke. Because of their short snouts, they’re also prone respiratory problems. It’s important to maintain the ideal weight because obesity may aggravate respiratory problems. French bulldog breeders should be financially prepared because French bulldogs come with many health problems heart defects, eye problems, spinal problems, etc. Breeders should prepare for caesarian section delivery for their dams because French bulldog puppies have large heads that make it difficult for the dams to give birth naturally.

Breeding, in general, requires heavy investment in terms of time and resources. Serious breeders spend on premium food, vitamins, and supplements. They even go as far as spending for progesterone and LH testing to track down the dates that are most desirable for breeding. While the dam is pregnant, the breeder has to keep track of the pregnancy through regular ultrasound sessions. Serious complications can arise during labor, especially with the French bulldog that’s prone to many complications, so you have to take the dam to the veterinarian. When the dam finally gives birth, the breeder will have to invest in shots, deworming, premium puppy food, and registration.

Aspiring French bulldog breeders should list down the possible costs and investments before they start breeding. This not only includes finances but their time and schedule as well.

Finding The Perfect French Bulldog Puppy

The adage “Dogs are a man’s best friend”, is perhaps known to many but quite have a few hitches. Just like finding a real friend, different dog breeds can have varying temperaments that can match the personality of their owners.

Since dogs are social animals by nature, close contact with humans are essential especially with companion dogs. Among the popular companion dog breeds are French bulldogs, which purportedly originated in Nottingham, England. So what are the characteristics that a potential owner should know when selecting a French bulldog puppy?

Ideally, this stocky little breed found in coat color varying from fawn, brindle, to white is applicable to city life since they can do well living indoors. Its appearance shares the same characteristics of a typical bulldog breed with skin hanging loose at the sides of its broad muzzle, an under bite teeth, and round eyes. Although French bulldogs bark only to draw attention, the breed needs their owner’s frequent company as well as exercise.  A French bulldog puppy owner may find it mischievous and independent.  Its affectionate nature makes them perfect companions around children. However, owners need to keep in mind that proper display of leadership is essential to gain their respect and obedience. Just like any dog breed, a French bulldog puppy must be introduced to proper training or else they will grow up stubborn and aggressive.

Another question prospective owners usually deal with is how to choose a French bulldog puppy. Finding a reputable breeder is a good start. The breeder can provide plenty of advice on taking care of the dog especially when this type of breed can entail high maintenance and regular visits to the veterinarian. Health problems such as breathing difficulty, spinal illnesses, cherry eye, and inability to regulate temperature can arise if they are not cared for properly.

Since French bulldogs require a lot of exercise, it is advisable that owners take them out for a daily walk to maintain an active lifestyle. It should however be noted that extreme temperature must be avoided since they are prone to heat strokes.

If you think your reason for finding a dog fits with the characteristics mentioned above, then, there is a greater chance that owning a French bulldog puppy will be a rewarding experience for you and your family. Being a pet owner after all entails responsibility and providing the best care for a French bulldog can make them a truly devoted companion.